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How To Build Your Social Marketing Network

Social Marketing is like going to a large semi formal party. You will find people talking about what they had for breakfast to others talking about the biggest stock deals of the century.

We are going to use Twitter since it is the hottest right now and allows a varied types of social setups. You can use Twitter just to talk about your life and someone will be listening. If you want to mix your life events with your business that is completely acceptable. If you have a business and want to use Twitter to notify your clients and friends about developments within your business that is completely acceptable.

Setting up a Twitter Account

You initially register with your email and a user name. Be selective on your user name so that the name matches what kind of content you plan to post. If it is just for you to talk about yourself then use your name. If it is for a business then use the business name for your user name.

Now that your account is active you need to do a little tweaking.

First go to "settings'" - "account" . Here you will need to enter a short Bio about what kind of content your Twitter account is covering. It is essential that you use keywords in this bio as this is how many people find people to follow. For instance if you are a furniture business be sure to use the word furniture in your bio. Then if you have a web site or blog enter this info also.

Second go to the tab notices. By default Twitter send you an email for every time someone follows you. If plan to grow this account and you do not want a mailbox full then you need to turn off these notices.

Third go to picture and upload a related picture. Here you can use a picture of yourself or even a logo will work.

Fourth you need to configure the design to something that relates to your subject. If you have business then this would be a good place to put some pictures of your products and your company logo.


Now you have your pretty shiny new Twitter account but no one is following you yet. The best way to find related followers is to go to Twellow Twellow is the Yellow pages of Twitter. Search for Twitter accounts related to your subject to find an expert in your field if interest. You will find some people with thousands of followers. We have found that it is best to look for someone with less than 50,000 followers. Find someone that has a following you think is interested in the subject matter of your site. Magazines are good, especially if they have huge amount of followers and following very few themselves, this would be an expert if a particular field. FOLLOW THE FOLOWERS NOT THE expert.

You will want to follow 200 to 400 of the followers of the expert you found. If you follow too many people in a day Twitter may disable your account for aggressive following. Immediately you will start having some of these people follow you.

Now it is time to start talking to your small social group. They are going to want to here something interesting. Imagine yourself at a huge social party and have found yourself in a group talking about something you are interested in, just join the conversation.

 Social Networks

1. LinkedIn - Use LinkedIn for business referrals and leads. A great way to introduce men to your business. This business-oriented site is used for professional networking and has a primary demographic of males averaging 41 years of age. Your developed "connections" are people you know and trust in the business. Your connections, connections & their connections (called second degree and third degree connections) allow you to be introduced to possible business opportunities. You can join relevant alumni, industry, or professional groups of your choice.

2. Twitter - Use Twitter to notify your clients of latest business developments; promotions and business initiatives. Demographic of 35-49 is biggest. This "follow-me" site allows you to put in up to 140 characters which are displayed on your profile page and delivered to those who have subscribed to, or are following you. You can restrict or allow open access to your "tweets". It's free unless you use SMS (short message service). 6 million unique visitors monthly. Currently the fastest growing site in the Member Communities category for 2009. Although discovered by the media, still under 7% of the population uses it, but growth over last year was a whopping 1,382% .

3. Facebook - Use Facebook to "tap into the fountain of youth". Join in by city; workplace; school, etc. You can choose your friends and use privacy settings which allow you to control what type of information is automatically shared. The most popular application is the ability to upload unl?mited photos. You can now also send "gifts" for $1.00 with a personalized message to your friends; and post free classified ads to those in your network. 228% growth year over year, with the fastest growing demographic being those 25 years and older.

5. MySpace - Use MySpace to recruit, educate, introduce and boost awareness of your business and industry as a whole. One of the fastest growing websites of all time, with the primary user being 18 years of age and older. This interactive network is a user-submitted site of friends, groups, videos, musicians, photos, blogs, etc. You can use "bulletins" to deliver your message; designated groups can share a common page and message board; full service classified listings are available; you can upload recordings, and much more.

There are so many ...;;;;;;;;;;; yahoo!360;; to over 100!

Web Site Design

Web site design is an art form of sorts. It takes a lot more than just throwing together some nice graphics and text to create a profitable business web site design.

There are many aspects to consider if the web site is to be successful in all aspects.

First but should not be considered the most important is how search engines look at your page. It is important that you web site achieves keyword placement in the free listing of the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. There are other ways to get your site in front of an audience but most are very expensive.

Second but equally important as search engine keyword strategies is how does your web site present your product to your potential clients. Will anyone buy your products from the web site.

You might say a web site designer needs to be a salesman, technically talented, graphic designer and a little bit of a magician sometimes.

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