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Tweet With The Most Sales Power

This is an informative research project so please Retweet it, let us see how many times it will go around before it stops, BREAK RETWEET RECORDS. FIRST RULE It never hurts to ask for what you want.


  1. Original Content
2. What Is Trending
3. Use Your Skills and Talents
3. What Gets The Most Tweet Power
4. How Can I Use That Power To My Advantage


Original Content

Getting retweeted is a good sign something is original and informative. I know thIs is original because I am sitting here in my pajamas writing it off the top of my head and I am going to make it as informative as possible with lots of research and my own experience.

I will start by describing the idea for this article. Everything you tweet needs to be original. I have tried tweeting about our web site design offers and our furniture designs in every conceivable way possible, all original but that does not work either. It is not really original when other people are trying to sell the same thing you are. So what do we do, we want to sell our products exactly the same way as our competitors do. This in itself makes our tweets look identical and not so original even when they are, CATCH 22.

So that leads to this article. I have to find something whether related or not to my products that people are interested in. This is the only way they are going to get to know me and that I am an honest person that cares about them as more than just a buyer.

To start this article I followed the following steps.

What Is Trending

First and foremost I searched Google to see if anyone else was listed using my article title "Tweet With The Most Sales Power", no listings were found.

The title of your article has a lot to do with how much sales power it has. If no one is interested are even looks at your article because the title did not catch their attention then it will never get Retweeted no matter how good it is.

Next I went to Retweet to see what Titles related to my article that were getting retweeted most. This is the process of using trending to get your products seen by the most people.

660 TWEETS - BLACKWEB20.COM - Trend with Truth: The REAL Maia Campbell Story. more by BlackWeb20
252 TWEETS - HOW TO: Do Good on Facebook more by mashable

One thing I quickly found is that I was annoyed with blogs and stories I wanted to read that were filled to the MAX with non-related sales banners.

334 TWEETS - Dad?s Rants Become a Twitter Hit - Digits - WSJ more by DanaMattioli
243 TWEETS - Back to School: 15 Essential Web Tools for Students more by mashable
309 TWEETS - Google Wave Arrives This Month: Are You Ready? more by mashable
TWEETED BY EVEYONE - AT&T rolling out MMS to iPhone on September 25
305 TWEETS - As Twitter Continues To Grow, Popular Users Widen The Gap more by TechCrunch
138 TWEETS - Social Media Still A Learning Experience For Everyone - GLG more by capricorn1960

OK so now I have a subject I can run with, but what do I do next. Well, I better come up with some good ideas on How To Get Sales Power From Tweets.That part comes hand over hand with the article itself, a loop so to speak.

IF YOU MADE IT TO HERE THEN MY POINT IS CLEAR You are interested in what I have to say. I hope it will help you and clean up some of the mess on Twitter at the same time. Who knows maybe you will click one of my Google ads, maybe you need web design help are at least I can tell you about my furniture company TraDUR in Indonesia that builds unique one of a kind custom made furniture at less that retail prices even after shipping around the world

The main point here is to give your readers or potential clients exactly what you said you would and do not over burden them with sales pitches, just let them know who you are. Being seen, getting known, is all part of it. No one buys from a nobody. Customers need to see your name around, it builds confidence. Set up a brand name reference for your clients.

So back to the loop. I have to provide you with a base so YOU can get more sales OOOMPH from your tweets.


1. Original Content
2. What Is Trending
3. Use Your Skills and Talents
3. What Gets The Most Tweet Power
4. How Can I Use That Power To My Advantage


Use Your Skills and Talents

There are a lot of ways to catch your audience attention, not 100% related to the product you are selling. It is not always by focusing on your real target that you gain the audience of your clients, especially if that target is something like web design or furniture that is over burdened with competition.

Glenn Madden owner of the TraDUR company and Glenn Website Design does just that. TraDUR company was started more than 20 years ago out of a hobby of Glenn. He slowly developed it into a business by using the using the skills he learned at website design. When he moved to Indonesia to re-locate their furniture production he took with him his skills at web design to promote the furniture business remotely.

Now he is able to offer his marketing advice to his furniture clients and web design clients for free. This attracts attention to both businesses and provides a channel of communication to his audience.

What Gets The Most Tweet Power

What ever interests your audience is going to get you the most Tweet Power.

How Can I Use That Power To My Advantage

Anytime you can get positive information in front of a varied audience you are building what is called Branding. By letting people know whom you are and what you do and that you are a real person looking out for them more than yourself. You want to provide your audience with something they can use. They in turn will help you by their patronage.


Glenn Madden world renown designer, artist, writer and entrepreneur owner of the TradUR Company offers his services as website designer on a limited basis.

Website Design

Website design is an art form of sorts. It takes a lot more than just throwing together some nice graphics and text to create a profitable business web site design.

There are many aspects to consider if the web site is to be successful in all aspects.

First but should not be considered the most important is how search engines look at your page. It is important that you web site achieves keyword placement in the free listing of the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. There are other ways to get your site in front of an audience but most are very expensive.

Second but equally important as search engine keyword strategies is how does your website present your product to your potential clients. Will anyone buy your products from the web site.

You might say a web site designer needs to be a salesman, technically talented, graphic designer and a little bit of a magician sometimes.

Our Website design guarantee

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